Little Bunnies Childcare Centre

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Our Vision

Our centre philosophy

Our ultimate goal is to provide a holistic support for all children in our community across different learning areas. Our team aims at helping children succeed based on their learning interests and strengths. 

 Address: 52 Coronation Road, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153      
Phone: (02) 9639 4478  

Our team members will follow the four 'F's which are:
- 'Fair-: All children have the rights to obtain quality care and education within the safe learning environment.
- 'Flexible': Our routine and educational programs are flexible based on children's learning interests, strengths and potentials. 
- 'Fun': We believe that children will learn through play experiences and the main focus is to let them have fun. 
- 'Friendly': All staff members have a friendly approach to all children, families and our community members.

Our Mission

We believe that all children in our community has the equal rights to access to quality care and education.