Little Bunnies Childcare Centre

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Little Bunnies Childcare Centre implements our Sun Protection policy on a daily basis to make sure that all of our children are protected by the sunscreen, proper clothing, hat and shoes. Our staff members will also supervise children to play under the shading area. 

Sun Protection 

* Lunch

* Morning tea

 Address: 52 Coronation Road, Baulkham Hills, NSW 2153      
Phone: (02) 9639 4478  

Our children have yummy and healthy meals from us on a daily basis which including morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. We also provide separate dishes for children with allergies, as well as children with cultural preferences. Our centre implements the 'Munch and Move' program in order to help children maintain healthy lifestyles. Our healthy meals include a variety of:
- Fresh vegetables and legumes
- Seasonal fruit
- Wholegrains and seeds
- Lean fresh meat and fish
- Dairy options

Please refer to our sample dish images as below:

* Afternoon tea

Gourmet Food